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Stories | November 27, 2023

"TOKUJO BUTA" | LINE Skis Heads to Japan

Your favorite skiers riding your new favorite ski (the LINE Bacon) in deep Japanese pow. Miracles are real! It’s all here in “Tokujo Buta,” the newest short film from the LINE team.

Videos | November 27, 2023

[Must Watch] Tereza Korábová and friends are Relentless

Featuring the 2022 Level 1 Superunknown winner, “Relentless” is not only a hard-charging all-female flick, it’s also incredibly relatable.

Videos | November 25, 2023

"Dream" - The Comeback of Kuura Koivisto

From devastating injury to the top of the freeskiing world, Kuura Koivisto has a work ethic like none other.

Stories | November 24, 2023

"Descendance" - Dennis Ranalter

The story behind Dennis Ranalter, one of the most talented freeskiers on Earth.

News | November 24, 2023

News Flash: Week of November 24, 2023

“News Flash” is FREESKIER’s online column designed to keep you up-to-date with snippets of outdoor news you need to know about. This article is published weekly on Fridays, recapping the entire week.

Stories | November 24, 2023

Freeskiing Mecca LAAX, Switzerland, is Leading the Way in Sustainability

With its solar-powered ski lifts, vegan restaurants, natural wine bars and third-wave coffee shops with mobile ordering, LAAX exudes an undeniable cool that feels more SoCal than St. Moritz, its ritzy neighbor resort.

Stories | November 24, 2023

[GIVEAWAY] Win a Day of Snowcat Accessed Skiing with Jones Pass Guides

With 2,600 acres of permitted backcountry access terrain, Jones Pass Guides is one of the closest snowcat operators to Denver.

News | November 22, 2023

Nick Goepper - Out of Retirement, into the Halfpipe

Slopestyle guru Nick Goepper has come out of his brief retirement and set his sights on a new discipline; halfpipe for Team USA.

Stories | November 21, 2023

The 10 Best Gifts for Skiers Under $100

We at FREESKIER have curated a list of 10 of the best gifts you can give a skier for under $100. Because let’s be real, none of us in this industry are made of money

Stories | November 21, 2023

[Deep Dive] Montec’s 2024 Kit Line-up Just Dropped

While it’s easy to scoff at any brand that gains notoriety on a social media app, Montec is actually putting in the work