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[The Gear Closet] A closer look at Dragon’s 2021-22 goggle collection

[The Gear Closet] A closer look at Dragon’s 2021-22 goggle collection

From humble beginnings in Will Howard’s garage in Capo Beach, California, to the globally recognized company that it is today, Dragon has been a staple in the worlds of skiing, surfing and snowboarding for nearly three decades. One of the few—but increasing—number of brands successfully bridging the gap between mono and dual-plankers, Dragon continues to help us realize the common love that skiers and boarders share for fresh tracks on soft snow. With an emphasis on creative expression and athlete-driven products, Dragon is still doing exactly what it set out to do from the start. From Forest Bailey to Chris Benchetler, the brand has attracted some of the most unique and talented snow sliders and artists on the planet and it’s no secret that it has long-fostered a culture of creativity and inclusivity in the wide world of action sports.

Dragon’s 2021-22 lineup features a multitude of technologies designed to make it easier for you to focus on getting down the mountain without worrying about fogging, problematic lens swapping, breathability, lack of style or any other inconvenience that may stand in your way. From its photochromic, light-sensitive LUMALENS lenses, to its patented Swiftlock lens-changing system, Dragon provides plenty of details that make a big difference.

This year’s collection consists of streamlined products that have gone through years of refinement. Skis, boots, liners, layers—these are all vital components to the craft we love—but poor vision can easily be the wrench in the machine if you’re not careful. A goggle that is comfortable and capable allows you, the rider, to focus on what you came to do without the distractions of something as seemingly insignificant as a trustworthy set of goggles. At the end of the day, that’s what Dragon brings you; a product you can rely on to pursue what you care about. Let’s take a look at six of our favorite creations offered by Dragon this year…


The PXV2 is one of Dragon’s more recent developments and the major difference from its big brother, the PXV, is its smaller frame size. This “Goldilocks” of goggles settles in the middle section of Dragon’s offerings, with a frame slightly smaller than the PXV, but larger than the popular NFX2. It’s perfect for a medium to large size face, or for those looking for that XL fit. As the old adage goes; mo’ goggle, mo’ style.

All of the goggles on this list utilize the color-optimized Lumalens technology and guarantee 100-percent UV protection, as well as improved depth perception and reduced eye fatigue by filtering light on those days when the sun refuses to quit. The PXV2 also features Dragon’s Panotech design, giving its lens 220 degrees of side to side sight, not only doing wonders for blocking light and increasing clarity, but giving you a boost in your peripheral vision.

One of the often overlooked aspects of many of Dragon’s goggles, including the PXV2 and NFX2, is the armored venting located above the lens. Every skier knows the fist clenching rage that can be easily induced by a pair of foggy goggles. No day filled with artery-clogging powder can be properly seized if your lenses are coated in a film of fog. Thanks to Dragon’s impenetrable, easy to clear, armored venting, you’ll be seeing crystal clear with little-to-no moisture getting through those defenses. The PXV2 is an all around killer of a goggle, and no matter what conditions you run into on the backcountry or on the resort, blue skies or cloudy storms, you’ll be calm, cool, and collected, eagerly eyeing down that next line.


We meet again, old friend. The NFX2 has proven to be one of Dragon’s greatest original designs to-date, and helped begin the trend of frameless goggle designs that have now come to dominate the industry. It shares many characteristics with the PXV family, such as armored venting and Swiftlock lens changing. The Swiftlock is something that Dragon has been working with for several years now, and it has improved every season.

Unlike magnet locking systems, Swiftlock uses a locking lever to physically hold your lens in place. And there’s no fiddling or lens smudging required when it comes time to swap ’em out: Just flip, switch and click back in. Is it going to change how you ski? No, probably not. But it will offer an absolutely seamless design along with peace of mind knowing that your lenses are held in by a real life bolt, not some flimsy magnet or impossible-to-handle frame.

Behind the scenes with the latest Dragon x Chris Benchetler NFX2.

Continuing its long-standing tradition of athlete and artist collaboration, Dragon once again has partnered with Chris Benchetler for another year of eye-catching designs. This year’s strap, shown above, features original work by Cali Chris himself, similar to that on his Atomic model. The NFX2 also comes standard with Dragon’s Lumalens lenses with scratch-resistant, hydrophobic and anti-fog coatings and, of course, color- and contrast-boosting effects. Combine that with a medium sized frame and cylindrical lens, and you’ve got a winner that can stand the test of time. Whether you’re riding the lift during a whiteout or standing atop the park with your buddies bathing in some spring sunshine, the NFX2 and its Lumalens technology will last you season-after-season, with a design that’s sure to turn heads.


While it’s often overstated, sometimes less really is more. The DXT OTG is a prime example: It may not have all the add-ons of the other two models on this list, but what she lacks in bells-and-whistles, she makes up for in simplified design and one hell of a bargain. In this package, you’re getting an unbelievably good lens with a cylindrical lens with Lumalens tech, and all the highlights without anything that you don’t need. Hypoallergenic micro-fleece lining around the inside will keep your face snug and secure, while the rubber lined strap will hold the goggles on tight, no matter if you’re sporting a beanie or a helmet. Unlike the PXV2 of NFX2, the DXT sports a full frame design, giving more protection to your beautiful mug and new favorite lens.

One of the biggest draws of this goggle is the OTG, or “over the goggle” compatibility. Prescription goggles can be a pricey endeavor, but the small notches on either side of this goggle’s frame ensure that your glasses will seamlessly slip inside and you can ride with perfect vision without breaking the bank. This mini but mighty goggle is perfect for those with smaller faces, or for parents looking for a screamin’ deal on a new pair of goggles for the knee high, noodle-using young rippers. There’s no denying that companies will often times hype up a product with features and gadgets that really don’t make much of a difference. The DXT takes that off the table, and gives you a streamlined product with a great lens for well under $100.

To check out all of Dragon’s new lineup, including sunglasses and soft goods, click here.

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