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The Keesh Crew travels to the land down under

About a month ago, the good dawgs of the Keesh crew, including Joona Kangas, Antti Ollila, and Daniel Antell, dropped a little nugget of gold onto the internet in the form of this beautiful collection of clips from 2017. Way back when, before COVID was even a thought in anyones blissful head, the boys set out to flip seasons and go find winter in the home of the Kiwi. New Zealand offered snow, cool sounding accents, and spiders the size of your hand. But never mind the spiders, they had snow! And rails! And jumps! So the gang packed their bags and set off to find Frodo. The journey they had seem rather immaculate, to put it bluntly. Skipping rocks, ripping spring snow, doing it all with your friends, what more can you ask for? Antti can be seen rocking the black and gold Candide 2.0s, which really lets you know the time is flying by, because that ski is almost four years old. You’ll laugh, you’ll cheer, you’ll maybe even shed a tear at the natural beauty of a collection of Keesh heads in their natural habitat. But either way, you won’t be disappointed.

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